Tell Your Passengers Story

The primary goal of The Number 26 is for it to become a medium through which writers can express themselves, to be a platform for them to post their own stories, and a community of people to read them.

We don’t want to trap any writers in a box, and so, for the most part, the stories here have full artistic liberty. They can encompass any theme, genre, style, or setting.

The only condition is that the story is a passage about a passenger aboard the number 26 bus to somewhere. Where they were before, where they are going, and why, is entirely up to the writer, the story can technically take place in any time period, any tense, and any perspective- be it 1st, 2nd or 3rd person.

Generally, the stories here focus on the seeking of truth and honesty. What does it mean to be human? And how do our stories make us who we are? Because of this, stories are generally based around reality, though they can be fictional, or non-fictional. That being said, themes like Sci-fi, fantasy, etc., are still welcome here.

This blog is about capturing reality, and sometimes the truth is ugly. All viewpoints are welcome, except for those that are blatant attacks on other views. Anything blatantly Sexist, anti-LGBTQ, racist, or xenophobic isn’t welcome here- although stories involving the truth about those themes absolutely are.

The goal here is to capture the truth through harsh, blunt honesty. Sometimes that means stories will have very dark themes- and that’s ok. Writers should feel comfortable expressing whatever they think. This having been said, anything too erotic or gory might have to be toned down before getting posted here. However, the goal is to be as uncensorious as possible.

Writers can submit their stories to


  • 6-10,000 words
  • Prose or verse
  • Any time period, any tense, any perspective.
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Can be a memory or dream
  • Must have a protagonist
  • The protagonist must be traveling aboard The Number 26 bus line, or about to board, or a habitual commuter, or just stepped off.

6 thoughts on “Tell Your Passengers Story

  1. Such a cool concept.Great way to get connected to other writers! I look forward to reading fellow writers’ entries. Maybe it will inspire a story from me, too 🙂


  2. Great.. I compare the number of folks waiting to board 26 to what I assume open seats will be again.
    Nothing new here. Or so I thought.
    I look around the stop and instantly my eyes rest on the odd man out. Slumped down, given an extra inch of space on the bench which is suprising in itself.
    NOBODY gets that.
    I realize at that point, we are all the same. Literally everyone can see this and adjusted to it.
    Feels like a fucking hive mind.
    Feels like Tuesday.
    Feels like my world is about to change.
    The familiar sound of the disrepaired 26 stopping a few blocks away used to fill me with joy and relief.
    Now it fills me with a slight sense of dread as he looks up at me and I break eye contact. Why is he here?


  3. So, so, so sorry I dribbled on your website. I got a lot of buses in me. Naturally I began by wedging ‘number 26’ into my 10 thousand word novella ‘Bus.’ However I have changed strategy, I shall write you something more contemporary and fresh, but maybe not tonight. Thanks for your inspiration and for having an exciting concept. All best, Mat.

    Back soon.


  4. It is refreshing to find a forum for writers that allows a few errors and typos into the mix, as well as perfection. Since the writer’s life is a journey, rather like the metaphor of the bus journey for life, it makes sense that there should be somewhere safe to practice this art collectively.


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