An Unlikely Crew (Part Two), By Nate Miller

Check out part one of Nate Millers story at The fuselage shuddered and shook as the wind and rain slammed against it, forcing a side-to-side movement that troubled even the most iron-clad of stomachs.The Twenty-Six dipped in and out of the clouds as it navigated the storm. Within, stuck in an aisle seat and … Continue reading An Unlikely Crew (Part Two), By Nate Miller

An Unlikely Crew (Part 1), By Nate Miller

“As I’m sure you’ve heard, disreputable types, air pirates and such, have been spotted along the Southern Merchant Corridor, and unfortunately, that’s the route we have to take due to this weather. In the event of any hostilities, weapons will be provided to you by our Flight Engineer and defensive positions assigned as needed, if you have any questions please direct them to him, oh and travel time is about six hours. Thank you..”