Cheers to the Passengers of April

Cheers to the passengers, the purposefully lost, jaded anarchists, and the bloodied knuckled pacifists. Welcome friends, new and old, the usuals, the newcomers, the frequenters, and the casually late.

Cheers to the ones waiting in the morning, at their mailbox, for bad news. The unbeaten rolling with the punches.

Cheers to the hurt empathetic, who still leave chinks in their armor for others pain to seep in. Left saturated by suffering, they stand unquenchable.

To the movers and the shakers, the still growers, and the painfully static watching unboiling pots.

We’re traveling a long stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere, and we’re stopping at all the tourist traps.

To the penny-pinchers putting money where their mouths are. Giving pennies for their thoughts.

To the ones not born yesterday, and the ones as old as lows hills.

To the jack of all trades, and the masters of none.

To ones with bites worse their barks who bit off more than they can chew. Barking up the right trees.

To the passed covered in dust, those on the curb soaking wet, and those in the fast lane driving through puddles.

Cheers to the passengers aboard The Number 26.

Thanks everyone for riding along with us on the Number 26. I hope everyone had a great April, and the spring makes you feel energized and empowered- for those in the southern hemisphere, have a great fall (as in autumn, not fall as in the fall of those civilizations). I hope everyone is ready to tackle May (as in the month, not a person by the name of May).
– Jacob

2 thoughts on “Cheers to the Passengers of April

  1. That is pretty extensive coverage of all the people from all walks of life. Poetry is beyond me, but what you just typed out has moved me immensely and given me shame. It makes me want to be a better poet. Thank you, sir, for showing me this.

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