Passenger’s Story, by Tsuko Johnson

I woke up on the 26 bus

It goes straight to his house

26 is also in his number

And in mine

Maybe it’s the universe telling me something

Maybe it’s just a coincidence

But I hope its not

His hands reach out

When he’s single

9th grade

We made out in the movie theatre

It wasn’t a date


I paid

Then in my school’s bathroom

Never at his

Only at mine

Empty breathing

Shallow short leaps of breathe

Full lungs

26 26 26

26 in his number

26 in mine

The 26th bus to his

I pull the awful rope

Then the bus stops

I get off

I can see his house

His figure

Slips Sink

Into the door frame

His hands open

He sinks

I sink into him

Check on more of their work at sleepingpillswithenergydrinks on Tumblr

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