Cheers to the passengers aboard The Number 26

Cheers to the travelers, the runaways, vagabonds, commuters, and the lost. The strangers, the outsiders, locals, newcomers, and the sheltered homeless.

Cheers to the ones life dealt a bad hand, with everything they love on the table. Who cling to unfavorable odds like a life raft stranded in the ocean, with unwavering, unabating, faithful hope.

Cheers to the ones with calloused palms. With bloody fingertips, and chipped nails, from clawing at the bottom of the barrel.

To the ones running on fumes, sustained by air, who keep moving forward, their eyes toward the horizon, one step after another.

We’re going nowhere in a hurry, and we’re seeing all the sights along the way.

To the ones ready to run, with passports in their bed stands. The ones who whisper the mantra “one day” over and over in their sleep.

To the ones with cracked open piggy banks, paying unexpected debts off with their unfulfilled dreams.

Cheers to the ones with whole other worlds in their heads. With unreflected light in their eyes resonating from nothing but themselves.

To the ones taking deep breaths, and to the ones with exasperating sighs. To the ones gasping for air, their mouth just above water.

Cheers to the passengers aboard The Number 26.

Thank you for riding along with us on the Number 26. The end of March marks the blogs first complete month. I hope everyone has a lovely April.

13 thoughts on “Cheers to the passengers aboard The Number 26

  1. So eloquently put. Cheers to life. Cheers to a better tomorrow. Cheers to overcoming our human weaknesses and aiming to be better. Cheers for WordPress bloggers doing their bit to promote a community of hope in our stories.


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